Muffler and brake service in Ashtabula Ohio
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muffler service in Ashtabula Ohio

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Quiet Fit Muffler & Brake sign

Kirk, the owner of Quiet Fit Muffler & Brake, estimates he's installed over 50,000 mufflers in his career... and that's just the factory stock type systems!

For those in the know, Quiet Fit Muffler & Brake is also the go-to shop for custom exhaust systems.

Many shops take parts off the shelf and install them, and Quiet Fit does that, too, but they also can do more.

The staff at Quiet Fit are true and genuine craftsmen when it comes to shaping and bending the custom dual exhausts sought by many of their customers.

"Some drivers just want something special. They want that custom look or throaty sound."

Kirk volunteers that they enjoy doing custom work. "That's the creative part of the business," he said, "and those drivers appreciate our attention to detail."

Quiet Fit Muffler & Brake, started in 1975, offers efficiency, experience, price, and enthusiasm.

"The shop offers complete under car care," he added. "Mufflers, brakes, exhaust, struts, bearings... if it's under the car, we'll make it right."

Proudly serving Geneva, Ashtabula, Kingsville, Conneaut, Jefferson, Ohio and other local communities since 1975. If it's under your car or light truck, we can make it new again. Thank you for your ongoing patronage! We do appreciate your business.