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Quiet Fit Muffler & Brake has been serving NE Ohio for almost four decades, having installed over 50,000 mufflers and brake sets, and that number only includes factory stock type systems!

Many shops take parts off the shelf and install them, and Quiet Fit does that, too, but they also do more. For those in the know, Quiet Fit Muffler & Brake is sought out for their custom exhaust systems, shaping and bending the custom dual exhausts required by many of their customers.

Some drivers just want something special. They want that custom look or throaty sound. Custom work is the creative part of Quiet Fit Muffler & Brake's business, and the custom car enthusiasts appreciate that attention to detail. If you need a custom designed exhaust, Quiet Fit is the place to be.

Quiet Fit Muffler & Brake, started in 1975, offers efficiency, experience, and price, for your complete under car care needs: mufflers, brakes, exhaust, struts, bearings.... If it's under the car and giving you a problem, Quiet Fit Muffler and Brake will make it right.

And Quiet Fit's goal is to completely satisfy your exhaust, suspension, and custom pipe bending needs. They strive to provide the very best service, quality and price, and have been doing so almost 40 years.

Quiet Fit has the expertise, products, manpower, tools and commitment to fix your car properly, the first time, with no hassles. In addition to custom exhaust work, Quiet Fit replaces mufflers, pipes, converters, flex connectors, and others failed custom exhausts. They work in stainless materials that seem to last forever. They can weld broken mounts, replace shocks, struts and coil springs, too.

Quiet Fit Muffler and Brake invites you down for a no-hassle, no-obligation free estimate. On many days, no appointment is necessary. Just drive in. It is possible that they can give you an estimate and fix your car right on the spot. They would like to prove to you why over 90% of their customers are either repeat or referral customers.

Want to make sure they're available for your estimate needs? Simple. Give them a call and they'll provide you with a time to arrive, and the estimate is without obligation or cost, which is why they call is a Free Estimate.

Quiet Fit's business philosophy is to serve you, their customer, honestly and efficiently, and to make you happy. Instead of trying to be all things to all people, the general trend these days, they've elected to focus on a few specific areas: Exhaust systems, including mufflers, pipes, converters, custom bending, and stainless piping and components. If in the course of our repair on your vehicle they notice something else that needs attention, they'll provide you with the names of trusted service businesses in the area.

So be it the repair or replacement of shocks, struts, coil springs, or any other under-the-car system, their specialization gives you several advantages over the competition that result in cost savings being passed on to you.

From direct bolt on parts to extremely hard custom exhaust work, Quiet Fit Muffler & Brake has the personnel and experience to satisfy your needs and save you money!